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I have been a fan of Anthropologie for most of my adult life. The clothes, the accessories, and do I even have to say it, THE HOME DECOR! Every time I set one foot in that particular section of the store I let out a squeal of delight, while my oh so kind husband holds in a more somber squeal as I pass through the outer courts in to THE SALE ROOM. 

Now before we enter this glorious room of crystal knobs, I am going to get up on my soapbox for a minute and let you know that I think this store is outrageously overpriced. Its gorgeous, but it’s completely ridiculous.

So me being the detective that I am decided to find down exactly what time every week they did all of their markdowns. The exact same time every Monday night. Which in my mind meant that I was going to be at Anthropologie every Tuesday morning that was humanly possible. Oh the possibilities that were soon to be realities when an $18 knob was marked down to $2.95! 

So I went back.

And I went back again.

And now it is 2 months later. And I promise you from the deepest cavity of my heart that I have never spent more than $2.95 on one piece of hardware at that store. I will let these images speak for themselves.


New Direction

I must admit that I am the world’s most terrible blogger. I had great intentions of posting daily progress on all of my 5 million projects, but I have failed miserably. Sorry for that 😉 However, I have had some ideas swirling around my brain this week about how to use this blog to share my successes, failures and new learnings as I attempt to start a small business. I have also played around with the idea of having certain days of the week strictly focused on one of my natural strengths, which is the business side of business. Or in this particular business, that would be called “How to haggle like a pro” which is quite important in this type of endeavor. Now while I may be a natural at scoring ridiculously amazing deals, I have also come to the conclusion that about 10% of the total puzzle is talent, and 90% can be learned. There is so much that I have learned even in just the last few months by going to just about every thrift store in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, not to mention the flea markets and estate sales. Oh God love those estate sales!

So to reign this all in, I would like to create a space that is not only inspirational but also practical. Example? I had no idea 4 months ago that there was a massive difference between using oil based stains and water based stains in terms or quality and longevity. How did I learn? Ha, I stained a wine crate with DECK STAIN. How did that happen? The uninformed girl at Home Depot told me that it was normal water based stain that would work great. Disclaimer: Don’t take anyones word for it, do your homework. I can’t tell you how many times Home Depot has given me false information in the last several months. Sometimes its been great advice, and other times it has been flat-out wrong.

In this blog I will be committed to helping all of you that swear you cannot find a thing at any thrift store, to become a PRO before you know it. Trust me, I used to be the worst thrifter on the planet! I used to be driven to the edge of insanity by the disorganization and bins of crap lying around everywhere. Now I can inform you with confidence that those very bins are often times where the real treasure is lurking. Would you like to know why?

Stay tuned for the next episode of “Haggle like a pro” with your very own T-Rex as the host.



Giveaway Update

I will be announcing the winner of my portion of the Sew Mama Sew giveaway tomorrow afternoon, it has been a great opportunity to share this with all of you!

I will be working hard at putting items up for sale over on my Etsy page this week. It’s been a busy week sorting and measuring all these wonderful fabrics and putting the finishing touches on my jewelry racks and lots of other fun things.