Thoughts on Colorado

I know that this is supposed to be a crafting blog. I know. But due to my insanely busy schedule this month which combines not only working full time BUT studying for my wine sommelier exam in 2 weeks, the crafting will have to take the back burner for now. 

I will take a moment to talk about what has been on my mind and on my heart for the better part of this week. Colorado. Friday happened to be my day off that week, which was supposed to be spent studying for my upcoming exam but turned in to a CNN watching frenzy for the better part of the day. (not to mention that the latter part of the day was spent at the Baylor ER clutching my gaping leg wound with a kitchen towel after my rotary cutter tried to eat me for dinner. that was fun) However I sat in the ER Friday night with a thankful heart. The part of me that would have normally been griping about my $200 ER co-pay wouldn’t even dare think about complaining knowing the fact that merely hours hours earlier,12 other families were leaving the Aurora ER with a gaping hole in their lives. I am not a mother yet, but if I let even the smallest recesses of my heart run wild, it does not paint a pretty picture. I would want to kill the man that murdered my son on his 27th birthday. I mean turn the other cheek.


Before anyone lays in to me, let me dig a little deeper. What would you do if this was your son/daughter/mother/father/sister/brother/best friend/boyfriend/girlfriend? I fully believe that there are times when God puts supernatural grace in the early stages of an even such as this. Sometimes. But many of the incredible stories I have heard are ones that are told several years down the road. I don’t believe cheek turning always happens overnight, and I can assure you that grace and forgiveness are not a one time fix. If you are anything even remotely like me, you need it daily. There are people in my life that have hurt me greatly. In fact, there are days where I find myself angry about something or someone that I could have sworn was a dead horse. When those days resurface, I ask for grace. and then I ask for more grace. and I keep asking. Do I walk away from every one of these days feeling better? No. But sometimes the answer is yes. And the YES days start to become like ocean waves at high tide, moving closer and closer to the shore, and will eventually overtake all the crap that has collected on the sand (including your sunglasses) and wash them back in to the deep. 


I wanted to finish this post with a controversial topic. To be honest, the reason why I am addressing this, is because I would love to hear your feedback. 


“If you consider yourself to be pro-life, do you believe in the death penalty”?

ANDI’d also like throw in this question:

“If you are pro choice, why are you against the death penalty?

I figured I’d keep it light today.

disclaimer: Please note that your opinion is just that… Your opinion. And we all know the old saying of what opinions are like.

If you have made it this far, I’d like to wish you a wonderful Monday that is filled with grace and love for one another.